Efficient equipment

Plant equipment

Equipment selection for the Central Utilities Plant project is based on best available technologies, environmental impact, and energy efficiency.

Currently, the cogeneration plant uses an ABB GT10A gas turbine with a nominal turbine output of 21 MW. The turbine uses the ABB EV (Environmental) combustor, which uses a premixed, swirling gas flow together with water injection to generate low nitrogen oxides levels on both gas and liquid fuels.

The plant project will replace this existing turbine with a new 22-megawatt turbine (Solar Titan 250 or equivalent), and a second 22-megawatt turbine will be installed at the same location to increase capacity to a total of 44 megawatts. The turbines will use natural gas as a primary fuel and will use #2 fuel only in an emergency or testing situation.

The two new gas turbines will be more efficient and environmentally friendly than the plant’s existing turbine. The new equipment will use advanced emissions controls and catalysts to minimize and/or remove pollutants.

In addition, MIT has volunteered to modify its three existing older boilers to ensure that all five boilers are compatible with cleaner fuel oil, should oil be needed in an emergency. Like the new turbines, all of the boilers will burn natural gas except in an emergency or testing situation.